BlueStar Recyclers, The Triple Bottom Line & Creating Community

Members of the BlueStar Team

Blue Star Recyclers, LLC  is a locally owned and operated electronics recycling business located in El Paso County.  The company is owned by Tony and Mary Fagnant, who also own and operate Qualtek Manufacturing in Colorado Springs  Qualtek is a 50-year old Colorado Springs based specialty metals manufacturing business, which the Fagnants’ have owned since 1999.


In support of the recent primary business model change from asset-remarketing to responsible end-of-life recycling, Bill Morris was hired as President of Blue Star Recyclers LLC.  Previous to joining Blue Star Bill was the Southern Colorado Division Manager for Metech Recycling (formerly GRX) in Colorado Springs.   The new mission for Blue Star Recyclers will be to provide ethical, secure, convenient, and affordable (end of life) electronics recycling services to business and residential customers in Southern Colorado; directly and through a wide array of strategic partners.

The vision at Blue Star is to collect and recycle e-waste from our community as a way to serve, sustain, and create community in
Southern Colorado.

Our Focus:

Recycling is all about convenience and motivation, and Morris believes all recyclers must provide prospective recycling customers with both.   To achieve this Blue Star will offer a pre-scheduled route with “at your door” pick up service at no additional charge for businesses in Colorado Springs.  This removes the primary obstacle many businesses cite as the reason they don’t currently recycle their e-waste.  As for motivation – every Blue Star customer will be helping our community and our planet.

Triple-Bottom Line Results:

Morris believes that his primary responsibility at Blue Star is to produce triple bottom-line results (People, Planet and Profit).  While this is not an easy goal to achieve, anything short of achieving triple-bottom line results would be partial success.  The following initiatives are currently underway in support of achieving those results:

People:  Building a profitable business and practicing sustainability is not enough, what we do and how we do it MUST benefit people in our community. The mission at Blue Star will be to recycle e-waste as a way to serve, sustain, and create community in Southern Colorado.  In addition to achieving those results internally, Blue Star partners will be held accountable to help produce these same results.  An example of which is the selection of BETTR Recycling (see ad page 9) as our primary downstream e-waste materials processor.

Planet:  Blue Star is committed to the business practice that no hazardous or toxic electronic waste material collected by Blue Star will be land-filled, incinerated, or shipped abroad to be dumped.  In support of that commitment, Blue Star Recyclers will provide ethical, safe, secure, and responsible e-waste recycling services.  To help insure the fulfillment of that commitment Blue Star has hired EcoSentient ,, to assess, develop and monitor the highest level of internal sustainability practices possible within Blue Star operations.   In support of achieving our goal to be the greenest recycler in our market, by the end of Q1/10 Blue Star will deploy an alternative fuel fleet vehicle for its’ “at your door” route service.

Profit:   As strange as it sounds, the unwanted electronic items currently gathering dust in our homes and businesses is literally “FUEL” for our economy.   Even small growth in the number of businesses and homes that recycle their e-waste will create the revenues and profits to increase payroll in this community.  As the only locally owned and operated electronics recycler in the Pikes Peak Region, Blue Star will make sure revenue collected from this community will stay in this community.
Strategic Partner in Pueblo, Colorado

Jack Pendleton, 719-240-0504

Jack Pendleton, a small business owner in Southern Colorado has formed a strategic alliance with BlueStar Recyclers in Southern Colorado.   Now, this electronics recycling service will be available year-round at the new Pueblo Recycling Park located in Pueblo’s City Limits.

Pendleton has recycled paint with great success, and is very excited and anxious to offer this service to the community at-large.

What This Is All About:

As with all electronics recycling, there are specific charges that the consumer must pay in order to have their items recycled.  In the past these fees have sometimes been lowered or off-set with sponsorships from companies, events, and grants.

When someone pays to have their electronics recycled, they are actually adding money to the economy, which benefits everyone in the community (in fact, that is how local economic development works).  The fee that you pay to recycle these electronic wares goes to pay employees at the drop-off location (like at BlueStar Recyclers and Pueblo Recycling Park), and that fee also goes to pay the people who are dismantling the electronic wares to send the components to their next destination.  Often these people are “differently-abled” and this is their only hope at employment.

Here at That’s Natural!, we are very excited to announce the official opening of BlueStar
Recyclers in Southern Colorado, along with their strategic partnership with Pueblo Recycling Park.  We encourage you to utilize these electronics-recycling services and to

For more information, please contact:

Bill Morris, President

Office:  719.597.6119
Direct:  719.494.4436

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