Medicine Freedom

A Positive Proactive Solution to the Drug “War”

hemp leaf

– Tisha Casida

The constitution allows people to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.  Government intervention in anything usually means a lot of pain and heartache, although it is completely necessary to have rules and regulations that keep (or attempt to keep) people honest.  Our problems are social problems, and the government will never be able to fix people’s souls (in my opinion only).

So, quick summary.  If people want to drink alcohol, they can.  If people want to smoke, then can.  If people want to be lazy, they can.  If people want to be stupid, as long as they aren’t physically harming anyone else, they can.  If people want to kill themselves, then can.  Why in the world can’t people smoke marijuana legally and just be taxed for it?  What a great revenue-generator for Uncle Sam (use that money for education – use the saved money from the judicial system for education!)!

This drug is causing horrid deaths in Mexico, slowly trickling over into the United States.  The “war on drugs” hasn’t ever worked – it really hasn’t, and the situation is actually getting worse.  We are throwing all of this money and time into something that is failing, all while if we would look at common-sense solutions (i.e. legalizing the stuff), we could immediately see beneficial impacts.


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