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Cod Liver Oil – A Synopsis

Treat Your Cod Liver Oil Like a Shot of Whiskey – It is Good For You!

Good fats are probably one of the most important things for our development as a human being.  Nerve-endings in our bodies and brains contain a myelin sheath, which is an important part of healthy nerve-function.  Healthy fats help build and maintain these nerves, which is good for overall health.  Nerves are pretty important to sending information throughout our bodies.

Cod Liver Oil is jam-packed full of these good fats including Omega-3 fatty acids. EPA, DHA, and high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Now, fish oils DO taste a bit fishy – get over it.  It is worth the health-benefits.  Beyond that, you can get it flavored – my personal favorite as of now is Barlean’s.  If you treat it like you are taking a shot of whiskey, with a chaser of something like lime-aide – then it is not too bad.  WHEN you take your supplements is just as important as what you take them with (to make sure that they digest and process the way they are supposed to).  You should take your Cod Liver Oil shot before you go to bed.

I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, however, I can tell you that since taking a ‘normal’ regimen of cod liver oil, that is has helped with the inflamation in my hands (from bad circulation and typing WAY too much on the computer), as well as my skin-health.  Beyond that, I just feel better, which is probably from a combination of factors.  However, we should all know that when we feel good that we can think better.

And we all need to do a WHOLE LOT MORE THINKING.

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