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NEWS ALERT: Pueblo County – Opportunity for Farm-Fresh Produce

We have a unique opportunity next Tuesday, February 28th from 11:30am to 1:00pm.
I’ve invited Randy, local farmer, to bring his produce to the Ascension Church Parish Hall (18th & Grand) during the lunch hour.
Randy’s produce is grown bio-dynamically using organic practices with special crop rotations for optimum nutrition and flavor. It is picked just hours before you buy it and is sold at direct from the farmer prices!
Please bring cash.
At this time of year, his crops are mostly limited to what he grows in his greenhouse, but many of you have already enjoyed his fabulous garlic, onions, golden beets, mustard greens and other lettuces.
If there is enough interest, Randy will continue to bring produce and pastured eggs (when available).
Please let me know if you are interested so Randy can estimate the amount of produce to bring.
Do you welcome the chance to purchase local, sustainably grown produce at reasonable prices?
Buy local – Create jobs – Feed your family healthier!
Please forward this message to someone who would appreciate it!
Jo Schrubbe
Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator
2011-2012 BWN “Woman of the Year”

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