Marketing Doesn’t Stop – Businesses that Succeed, Recognize This

Do you ever wonder why billion-dollar companies advertise?  If they are successful and generating revenue, why don’t they reign in their marketing budget?  It is because they recognize the importance of “staying in front of people”.  Also, when these big, successful companies are hurting on revenues – they boost their marketing and advertising (they don’t scale it down).  As small business owners, we must recognize that it is pertinent for us to do the same.

Successful companies realize that to stay in business, and thrive in business, that you have to keep marketing, advertising, and promoting.  Constantly.  Times get tough, but companies that want to increase revenues – increase their marketing platform.  There are willing customers who want to purchase your product and service, but to reach them, you have to be “out there”.  It is simple.  For effectiveness, your marketing plan should span out for 6 months up to a year.  People may see your brand once, and not be sold, but if they see it again – that may open up the door for them to call or visit you.  It is your job as a small business owner – to keep this door open and remind people that you are there.

At That’s Natural!, we specialize in reaching a targeted demographic of consumers who want to find products and services that are good for people’s health, the environment, and the local economy.  We have worked with hundreds of clients, and know how to build a successful marketing platform for every budget.  The key is in consistency, and we are about creating long-term relationships with our clients.  This is about more than just marketing – this is an effort to build the long-term success of our clients and create strong communities and economies in the process.

– Tisha Casida

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