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Second Chance Wildlife Refuge


“Until we extend the circle of our compassion to all living things, we will not find peace.”
-Albert Schweitzer

Pueblo, Colorado 719-543-1946


Every year, hundreds of people find wild birds and mammals that for various reasons have been injured or orphaned. In Colorado, it is illegal for anyone without special licenses from both the State and Federal government to possess wildlife for any reason.  While death is a necessary part of nature, contact with humans, whether directly or indirectly, has greatly increased the decline of all wildlife species. The goal at Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is to return healthy wildlife to their natural habitat.


Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization operating under permits from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife and the US Fish & Wildlife Service that accepts all birds, small mammals including bats and nonpoisonous reptiles for rehabilitation. We are located in Pueblo but serve all of Southern Colorado. Nancy Kelly, the executive director, has been a licensed rehabilitator since 1992. Second Chance Rehab Center received nonprofit status in 1994.
Wildlife rehabilitation is a 24-hour/7-day-a-week commitment that takes intensive training in the natural history and nutrition of each species cared for as well as medical and supportive care. Expenses are the responsibility of the rehabilitator or center; there is no government funding. Veterinary bills, specialized feeds, specialized housing and other equipment costs mount very quickly. Continuing education and reference materials add to the expense.


Second Chance Rehab Center does not charge a fee but we do greatly appreciate donations.
If you find wildlife that you believe is injured or orphaned, please contact Second Chance at 719-543-1946 or your local Division of Wildlife office.

Hungry baby birds

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UNSALTED nuts, any kind NO peanuts
Raw game meat,  not freezer burned, less than 2 years old
Fresh peaches, apples, melons, grapes, corn on cob
Flannel receiving blankets
Flannel  sheets
T-shirts, cloth diapers
Pet carriers
Paper towels
White facial tissues
Spiral compact fluorescent bulbs
Red party bulbs
Unused computer paper: no continuous feed
Laundry detergent, unscented
Unscented bleach
Dawn dish soap, blue
$$$ to be used for vet bill & medicines
Rolls of fiberglass screen –
(available at home improvement stores)
Rolls of welded wire (1×1/2 or 1/2×1/2)
Clean, gently used or new yard sale items
Donation of printing our brochures
Artificial plants in pots or not


Second Chance relies entirely on donations for funding.

WANT TO HELP? -We accept one-time or annual
monetary donations.
-Check into the work-place matching
funds program where you work and
double the impact of your donation!

-Check out the wish list -We have a memorial program.

-Remember us in your will. -We accept on-line donations
through our web site. Your donation is tax deductible.

-VOLUNTEER – Contact us for more
information or go to our web site at

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