Chile Chili Festival

Stirrup Some Fun Magic in Agriculture Show at the Chile Chili Festival!

For the kids and kids in all of us, the Colorado Chile Chili Festival warmly welcomes the magician Kyle Groves with his Stirrup Some Fun Magic Show!

The Stirrup Some Fun Magic Show is a family friendly journey through the magic of agriculture. The show teaches both kids and adults alike about the importance of agriculture in our day to day lives.

Through the use of humor and state-of-the-art magic, Kyle Groves teaches fair and festival goers about the agriculture in your state and local county. People have a great time and learn that there is a lot more to agriculture than just cows and plows. They learn about the economic impact of agriculture in their local communities and in the state.

Kyle also brings along a couple of very important guests, Aristophanes the white java dove makes an appearance along with Digby the magic bunny.

Magic, puppets, comedy, and great family fun, what more could you ask for? Come on y’all let’s Stirrup Some Fun!

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