Money & Currency

Start a Local Currency – Stop Inflation

The People are creating their own money to harness their own commercial energy! What is MORE revolutionary than that? This is a true grass roots revolution which cannot be co-opted as YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS control/create/distribute money.

We are not just posting/talking/complaining/occupying/whining about problems. “Talk is cheap”.  We have already initiated our plan for a local currency modeled after Ithaca, New York’s 20-year-old system.

We intend to radically innovate money creation and lending. There is no reason to pay interest/usury/riba. We can buy almost three houses for the same energy we use to pay off one today.  Additionally, we can fund a voluntary society through a fee-based lending system for homes.  For example: having no income taxes/property taxes/victimless crimes.

Leaders offer solutions. Fear mongers are tools. Mountain Hours is dedicated to the RADICAL INNOVATION of the world’s monetary systems which can offer abundance THIS YEAR – the 2012 Jubilee, and the abolition of usury. The “money changers” artificially suppress our human potential via interest/usury/riba.

Money is just a technology which can be used for good, or evil.  A step by step plan for the universal debt Jubilee can be found at  It truly is possible to take our monetary system back to the local level (hint: hire the sheriff with the local currency so he will work for the people to end income/property taxes/foreclosures/victimless crimes).

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