Not So Good "Foods"

Aspartame in Fiber One Cereal

Fiber One Cereal BoxFiber One Cereal Box - Ingredients List

Food Freedom Advocate – Tisha Casida

Truth in labeling is one thing.  Sneaking in ingredients like aspartame, even though they are technically added onto the Nutrition Facts, is near criminal.  When eating at a relative’s house, I did my due-diligence of reading the ingredients and was horrified to find aspartame in the list even though there was no mention of “low sugar”, “sugar-free”, etc. on the box. Usually if I see those words, I know the product is suspect of having a fake, man-made, potentially toxic chemical in it.  However, no warning existed – it was up to me to read it.  When I told my aunt, she couldn’t believe it.  Fiber One, you would envision, as a relatively “plain” and healthy cereal, but aspartame had been put in it, without any warning or statement about such on the normal front-face of the box.

Many people have sensitivities to “ingredients” (a.k.a. toxic, man-made chemicals) like aspartame.  As well they should, since in instances, especially in people who have tendencies to be sensitive to what they eat (or aware of what they eat) – aspartame can act like a neurotoxin.  I know that I personally have had migraines resulting from my ingesting of aspartame – and I know that this “ingredient” (chemical) can absolutely be harmful to people’s health and well-being.  Especially children.

So on that note – take a look at most pre-packaged gum that you purchase at a grocery store and you will find that fake sugars have been slipped into those too.  There is no warning that the gum is “sugar free” or “low sugar”, as a matter of fact – it is in brands that many children would be attracted to.  No warning, but the fake sugars are in there.  And when kids have bad reactions to this fake sugar, oftentimes we may not be able to trace it back to the source because of this labeling issue.

It is so hard to trust brands of products – it is much better to know your farmer and try to find and source where you are getting your products so that you can trust the ingredients that are being put in them.  This is a bit easier for cereals versus gum – but I highly recommend you start doing this to protect your health and your family’s health.  It is worth the time and effort to find people you can trust with companies and brands that would not mislead you.

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