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Have You Had Your Enzymes Today?

Raw Milk - Sustainable Settings

By: Tisha Casida

Let’s talk about something that is absolutely beneficial and known to increase your lifespan and well-being.  They are itty bitty things called enzymes – that exist in your food.  When you heat foods up (sorry boys and girls, this means basically any processed food item), enzymes are destroyed.  😦  That means that the food you are eating is dead.  And it will fill your tummy and provide some nutrients, but not really as much as you need to not just “fill good”, but “feel good”.

Raw foods have enzymes, but even raw foods can be hard on your digestive system (for instance, some raw foods – including seeds and nuts – can actually inhibit enzyme absorption).  So, if you eat like a squirrel (like me) – you have to be asking yourself – “Self, what in the world can I do then to get foods with enzymes that are easy to digest”?

Well, you can eat foods that are fermented – that is probably the best way to start.  Yes, beer is on the menu, but more importantly, this would include kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and a wide array of other delicious items.  A dear friend of mine introduced me to “beet kvaas” when I went to her ranch last year, and I will be attempting to make such and reporting back.  It is a salty probiotic and “live” enzyme-rich drink, which immediately made my tummy feel better from general Tisha-tension.

You can also sprout grains and soak seeds/ nuts, to help your body digest these items and get the benefits of the enzymes that are inside of them.  That will be another post.

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