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Honey, Bring Me the Honey

Really Raw Honey

Really Raw Honey

By: Tisha  Casida

There are few things I love more than raw honey.  This whole food that is equally nutritious as delicious has been used for centuries to aid people’s health.  From immune-system-boosting properties to a cure for male impotency and female infertility, honey is a completely natural remedy that you should always have on hand, and try to make a part of your daily health remedy.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and if you have allergies to honey, then you should consult a doctor about what you should do with your body.  Also, if you are pregnant – I have heard warning about honey, and urge you to get the info for yourself.

Raw honey is a part of my everyday routine.  I use it to sweeten my tea, I eat it by the spoonful for an energy-boosting snack, and I even use raw honey as a facial mask once a week.  Raw honey is more nutrient-dense than liquid honey, because when a raw food is heated, the enzymes are destroyed, making the food not as healthy.  The quality of the honey is most important to vet – most honey you buy at the supermarket isn’t honey at all, but instead some type of filler or sweet-flavored syrup with no benefits normally associated with actual honey from bees .  It is extremely important to try and source your honey locally, so that you can not only trust the producer, but also have more health benefits.

Honey has antimicrobial properties, which is the main reason I make a facial mask out of it.  Because of my problems with my skin (acne), I have tried a multitude of remedies that are natural and not as harsh as what most doctors and dermatologists would prescribe.  Raw honey seems to not only help calm inflammation on my skin, but also makes it very soft, plus there are no harsh side-effects.  I like it when you can eat your medicine – that is a good standard to go by.

My favorite brand that you can get at health food stores and Whole Foods is Really Raw Honey, I purchase this in addition to several local sources of raw honey, which supports local farmers and is also tons of fun getting to know people who “raise” bees – a fascinating process, and an exemplary way to learn about the power of nature.

For vetted brands and honey sources in Colorado, please contact us at That’s Natural! or if you are in the Denver area, visit Denver Urban Homesteading that has a wonderful variety of local honey.


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  1. I do not like honey from my childhood, so I do not ate him for many years, but I try to give him another chance.

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