Raw Milk

When Raw Milk Products are Illegal, Are You Above the Corrupt Law?

Raw Milk & Cow

– Tisha Casida


I am on the hunt for producers who create and “distribute” (not SELL) products made from raw milk – raw milk cheese, raw milk butter, raw milk yogurt, etc. in Colorado.  I had put out an email to the list of people in our That’s Natural! database that have raw milk shares available (you see, in Colorado it is illegal to sell raw milk, so you have to purchase a share of a cow so in fact you are entitled to a part of that cow’s production) – asking this question.  To my surprise, I got a couple of hostile emails warning me about what I am doing, and that it is “illegal” to sell raw milk products in Colorado.

First of all, there can be no law against my right to consume raw milk or products made from raw milk.  If that is a choice I am making – no government, no bureaucrat, and no use of force (e.g. the police) can stop me.  Just like it is my right to feed my children foods that are full of nutrients versus the toxic substances you purchase in the middle aisles of the grocery store, it is my right to consume raw milk.  My grandmother drank raw milk – without the heavy hand of force telling her it was dangerous and “illegal”.  My right – my responsibility – my raw milk and raw milk products are something that I will not give up.  And it is pathetic that we are having this conversation in the first place.  But, enough producers have been threatened with the use of force from local health agencies, to now threaten me – the consumer.  Isn’t it funny how that works?

I understand that you have to get your spanking and please the administrative and bureaucratic forces by not saying that you are buying and drinking raw milk by purchasing a part of the cow or goat – fine.  But it is my natural right to consume those products, and at the end of the day, I would rather die clutching my mason jar of raw milk than having some government official tell me I can’t drink it.  They can go to hell, or perhaps better yet, soak in a raw milk bath to ease their tension.  Welcome to Food Freedom – if you want to consume it and are willing to take the risk (that humans have taken for thousands of years successfully) – pick up your glass of raw milk and drink it.  That’s your right.

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  1. We are quite fortunate here in France in that raw milk can be found in supermarkets (not all of them by any means) and even in vending machines on the street. So it can’t be that dangerous. 🙂

    • YES – exactly. And not 50 years ago people drank raw milk (and for thousands of years have drank raw milk) without epidemics and issues or intrusion from the heavy hand of government. Thank you for your addition!

  2. Confirmed! The very active Bruxellois bureaucrats are trying every day to do an absolutely incapable idiots of us by tons of the laws and regulatory, but I can buy the raw milk without any problems with the government in the Czech Republic as well. Here is no possibility to find it in the supermarket, but I can go to the vending machine or to the farmer.

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