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Linda Weiner

Linda Weiner

We are living in a time that allows for the manifestation of our desires.  People are becoming aware of their role in creating their life experience.  Linda Weiner is an Intuitive Counselor and Transformational Life Coach who has the ability to guide her clients to become “Conscious Creators”.  Linda is also teaching many classes to assist with the recent surge of awakening.  These classes of enlightenment include topics such as The Body’s Energy System, Manifestation, Magical Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Reprogramming Your DNA and Reiki Healing.

Linda is the Director of Pueblo Light Connection, a group she created in 2005 for Colorado’s metaphysical community.  PLC evolved during 2012 to include discussion groups with insightful sharing of information.  The 2013 conversations will focus upon an exploration of the Spiritual Laws for Residing in the 5th Dimension, including The Law of Non-Judgment and The Law of Abundance.

Linda is a Co-producer of the Pueblo Holistic Fair, a large semi-annual community event in Pueblo.  For details on attendance or how to become a participant in the fair, visit

As Editor of Pueblo’s Holistic Directory, Linda’s goal is to inform the public of all the holistic community has to offer for living a healthy lifestyle.  Directory books are distributed throughout the region, and there is also an online version of the Directory.

With Linda’s community leadership and involvement in many projects, there is one common theme:  assisting others to grow and enjoy happy, healthy lives.  You will find more information on Linda’s classes, Pueblo Light Connection and the Holistic Directory at

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