Know Your Farmer

Just Say No to Beef from Brazil

Globalization is great, as long as it isn’t killing people.  Unfortunately, there are many cases of other countries who export food products that have not been created or processed using the same stringent practices as those that are required by the United States.  We have already voiced concern about “Chicken from China“.  Here is another case – with beef coming from Brazil.

Dangerous amounts of a veterinary medicine – Albendazole – were discovered by Irish authorities in January, who were looking at both tinned corned beef and frozen minced beef, coming from Brazil.

Albendazole is a medicine used throughout the world to treat “gastrointestinal infestations of roundworms, lungworms and tapeworms, and adult liver flukes.”

At That’s Natural, we are concerned about how this importation of goods from other countries could damage the health and wellness of our own citizens.  We realize that there are certain economic benefits that may be realized from such an action (probably with the help of subsidies – that do not necessarily subsidize small, family farms and local producers) – but the risks outweigh the costs.

As a consumer, your best bet is to KNOW YOUR FARMER.  And, it is up to you to do that.  It takes more time, it is not as easy as just ‘stopping in’ at the grocery store, and it may be more expensive.  However, in the long run, you will avoid expenses associated with sickness and disease, and spare your body the dangerous exposure to large amounts of hormones, antibiotics, and other medicines that are pumped into industrial meat.

Take the time to know your farmer…. That’s Natural!

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