CBD Hemp Oil

Let’s Talk About Percentages of CBD Hemp Oil

It has come to our attention that there is dangerous information out there than may affect people’s understanding of the quality of CBD oil that is manufactured from hemp.

Measurements of volume, percentages, and weight can all be misleading when it comes to the actual content of cannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (the current most popular cannabinoids right now) being our focus here.

Because the amount of milligrams in comparison to the actual weight of the product, or the carrier, are very different, perhaps this will be helpful for you to understand the potency.

You may be familiar with THC infused into edible products – like brownies, candy bars, even soda pop.  For an example, if an “edible” chocolate bar says to have “100mg of THC (a cannabinoid found in cannabis)”, then this is a very small percentage of total milligrams if you look at the weight of the product.  So, let’s say a candy bar weighs 3.2 ounces – equal to 90 grams or 90,000mg – if it had 100mg of THC (considered a relatively “high” amount for an edible product infused with THC), then this would be about .11% of the product.  The remaining 99.89% of the product is chocolate, and any other ingredients or flavorings.

The percentage of the cannabinoid content appears small when looked at as a percentage of weight or volume – much like if you are familiar with pharmaceutical-grade supplements and drugs.  The percentage in milligrams may be small compared to the weight and volume of the “carrier” – this does not change the potency of the supplement or the drug that you are taking.

So please be cognizant of true percentages of product and don’t get confused by the comparison of potency of product to the weight and volume of what you may be taking that substance in.  We have heard of products claiming to contain 20-30% CBD by volume – the truth is, that such a product would retail at thousands of dollars.

Example: 1 oz. That’s Natural! CBD hemp oil

1 ounce = 28349.5 mg

250mg of cannabinoids per 1 ounce

Approximate cost per mg of CBD:  $65/250 = $.26/mg of CBD

If our product was 30% CBD by volume, then that would equal  8,504.85 mg (.30 x 28349mg) of CBD.  If you take our current approximate cost per mg of CBD ($.26/mg) – this would equal approximately $2,211.

If someone is claiming to have this percentage of volume of product, we encourage you to do your homework and understand that they may be giving you misleading information.  There’s politics in everything, including the food, medicine, and the cannabis industries. At That’s Natural! we pride ourselves on transparency, and want to be the industry leader in purity of product, and effectiveness of CBD delivery (through your Endocannabinoid System) for our customers.

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