CBD Hemp Oil

Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids & Terpenes – Topical Products from That’s Natural

That's Natural full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes CBD-rich topical products at www.cbdoil.life

That’s Natural has a skin-care line that includes: our signature CBD-Rich Healing CrèmeSuper SalveFace & Eye Dream Crème, and our popular Bosom/Body Lotion Potion.

Many of the molecules that are in essential oils (cannabinoidsterpenespolyphenols) are small enough to penetrate the skin of a human being.  That’s Natural products have a full spectrum and complete profile of cannabinoids and terpenes – that make our products – pure, potent, and trusted.

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol) binds to CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System.  Many CB2 receptors are found within tissues that are in the immune system and that regulate inflammatory responses – which includes the skin.  People that have problem skin, as well as other issues internally that have to do with inflammation may see some benefit from supplementing their daily activities with non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  Endocannabinoid Deficiency is something that many people may suffer from – adding natural plant-based cannabinoids may help!

At That’s Natural, we are Pure, Potent, and Trusted – Here’s Why!

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