Food Freedom

Synthesized Medicine Will Always Have Side-Effects

There is a place in the world for medicines developed by big pharma, and there is a place for Western medicine treatments with products that are synthesized and have negative side effects and dangerous drug interactions.  There is a place for it, and this is not meant to bash it in any way, we are just asking that natural medicines get invited to the party for people who want to use them.

Pharmaceutical drugs are synthesized (from “organic” and “natural” compounds) to have an effect on our cells.  The issue is that when they are artificially created in a lab, creating molecular structures that are close, but not exactly like, an innate and organic molecule – those compounds will never be completely metabolized by the body.

You have 100 trillion cells in your body.  Each one of those cells has thousands of receptor sites.  These receptor sites are like a lock on a door.  Only certain keys will work in certain receptors.

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to BLOCK specific receptor sites in order to TRICK the body into giving up its SYMPTOMS.  This leads to temporary relief for some people.  If we do not have a receptor site to utilize a molecule or a part of compound, we cannot metabolize it – it is impossible for our bodies to know what to do with something that it doesn’t recognize.

These artificial and synthesized drugs are able to get part-way into our bodies, but since they are molecularly different than natural compounds – our bodies do not recognize the molecules and cannot break them down.  Our bodies cannot synthesize artificially created compounds that are not found in nature.    This guarantees that there will be some side-effect from the molecule or compound that has come from artificially synthesized products.  These molecules can be difficult if not impossible to eliminate from the body, and can gradually accumulate as toxins that will lead to disease.

That is why there are side-effects and dangerous drug interactions (you may be able to get away with one or two tricks with your body, but as you add more and more drugs, the tricks and lies start to add up and confuse your body’s natural processes).  It is because our bodies do not know what to do with these molecules and compounds – they are foreign to us. Allopathic medicines oppose SYMPTOMS but DO NOT TREAT DISEASE.

The issue is that symptoms are messages from our body’s messengers that something is wrong and a problem exists.  Allopathic medicine mistakes the messenger for the problem.  It kills the messenger.  This may temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but ignores the problem, which is bound to get worse.

****Fun fact – when drug companies slightly alter a naturally occurring compound (this happens when there is a ‘generic’ drug versus a ‘name brand’ drug) – they can PATENT that compound so that no other companies could ever use it.  In altering the molecular structure, they secure intellectual property – which protects their business interests – and creates compounds that can lead to even more disease in the human body.

Prescription Drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

“Medicine” is not supposed to kill – it is supposed to heal.

Medicines that kill and consume our bodies are not natural, are not sustainable, and they are not spiritually pure.  Hippocrates is famous for the quote “First, Do No Harm”.  With many prescription drugs that are prescribed for ailments that could be treated with preventative measures, the harm is inherent – dependency is created, and sickness ensues.

BUT, lucky for us, there are alternatives that have been around for thousands of years, that are readily accessible to ALL OF US – that are at this point in time un-patentable – and available for us to use and try.

That’s Natural stands for Food and Medicine Freedom.  We believe that we must protect individuals’ right to consume whole-plant products that can protect health and well-being.  I hope that you will join our efforts to reach more people about natural-based products that may provide options to people in need of safe and effective food and medicine.

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