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Cancer & Population Collapse – BAN GLYPHOSATE

America is a wonderful test run for what NOT to do to a population.

Birth rates are declining, and although Klaus Schwab and minions are celebrating the demise of most humans, this really should be cause for concern for the human race – some of which I think we WANT to preserve.

Americans are over-exposed to glyphosate – the most widely used herbicide in the country (yay ROUNDUP BABY!) – which ends up on large amounts of the food that we eat every day.

Although the United States’ EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) whose department is indirectly funded through the companies that USE glyphosate have concluded that “there’s “no evidence that glyphosate causes cancer in humans” – there may be some other data points that would cause people to disagree.  Even the World Health Organization (WHO) which is arguably part of the cabal trying to slow population growth said in 2015 that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans”.  A ‘probably’ that is worth being more concerned about.

Probably the best thing to understand is HOW glyphosate works – because if it works on the plant, this is inherently what it will do once it is inside your body.

“The chemical compound glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, can weaken the immune systems of insects, suggests a study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health” (

So, glyphosate inhibits the production of melanin, “which insects often use as part of their immune defenses against bacteria and parasites”.  Is melanin in a human body?  Yes it is.  Could the glyphosphate that you consume affect your melanin (not to mention other parts of your body)?  Yes, it could.  

Also, is it good to kill off large amounts of insects?  From Roundup for Lawns “Bug Destroyer kills insects, not your lawn! With just one application, it kills 100+ listed insects including ants, spiders, ticks and grubs, above and below ground for up to 3 months.”   Does that include honey bees and lady bugs?  Insects can play an integral role in the biology of the environment – and a mass kill-off so you don’t have to deal with them – may present some serious future karma.  Ah, I think we are already seeing this in society today.

Anyhoo – ingesting glyphosate is ‘probably’ bad for you and may even be linked to cancer (or take our trusty government’s word for it that everything is just FINE wink wink), and if you want to live a long healthy life you better get that shit out of your system and world.  Did you know that already (from ZeroHedge –, “approximately 80 percent of the entire U.S. population now has glyphosate in their urine…”?  

HOW DO I GET IT OUT OF ME?  You need to detox and I will work on a good diagram for that, but most importantly, you need to vote me into rulership of the American population because as your Supreme Overlord I will not only BAN GLYPHOSATE from existing and being used in our country but I will MANDATE that all people affected by this toxin go through a Supreme-Overlord sponsored detox to create a healthier population that can grow, flourish, and procreate.

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