Food & Medicine Freedom

cropped-tn-header_1092x400_32.jpgFor over seventeen years, Tisha Casida at  That’s Natural! has been researching and promoting products, services, and initiatives that are imperative to protecting our RIGHT to grow our own foods and have access to plant-based medicines (outside of the scope of Big Pharma).  That’s Natural is dedicated to ensuring that we preserve our individual Creator-endowed rights to bless our temples (our bodies) with nourishment that is pure – that which is untainted by the hands of greedy humans.

FOOD FREEDOM = Food Freedom means being able to grow one’s own food, choose to purchase food from local (non-government subsidized) farmers, and bringing nutrient-dense food to market.

MEDICINE FREEDOM = Medicine Freedom means being able to have access to, grow, and choose plant-based medicines that are NOT patented (like pharmaceutical drugs), that are not synthesized (like pharmaceutical drugs), and that are full of love and life force – those that will actually HEAL us versus simply ‘cover symptoms’ (which is what all pharmaceutical drugs do).

Are you ready to take a stand for your freedom – your SOVEREIGNTY?  I hope so, because your life DEPENDS on it.  If we don’t protect your right to consume food that is full of nourishment, and your right to plant-based medicines that will truly HEAL your body (versus just covering symptoms like synthesized, patented, pharmaceuticals)  – we lose our life, liberty, and our pursuit of happiness.  Because health IS wealth – health and consciousness is EVERYTHING – it is the whole point of our human existence.  So are you ready to proclaim your sovereignty with me?

PO Box 8944  –  Aspen, CO 81612

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