Tisha Casida, Advocate

Wren's Nest Farm and Tisha

I believe that Food and Medicine Freedom is at the very core of protecting our health and wellness, environment, and local economies.  Our health is the very soil from which our dreams and livelihoods grow – and protecting our ability to have access to clean, safe, nutrient-dense foods and medicines is what I advocate for through That’s Natural!  Our print publication and online presence is a vehicle to educate consumers about how they can affect food and food policy through their money spent.  While we do this we promote our clients – farmers, producers, small businesses, and organizations – that are making a positive impact in our community, Colorado, and our country.

I have owned my own small business, That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting, since October of 2005.  I have worked with other entrepreneurs and business owners to create marketing, promotions, and sales that benefit them, and ultimately, benefit our economy.

In both 2012 and 2014, I ran as an independent (unaffiliated) candidate for Colorado’s third congressional district.  We set records both years, operating on a budget that made our cost per vote up to 12 times less than then Republican incumbent (proving that we could win if we did raise the money).  In 2012, I earned the most votes for an independent candidate in the history of our district.  In 2014, I earned the largest percentage of vote for an independent candidate in Colorado’s CD3.  Our team had this success because of our message of freedom, and taking responsibility for ourselves, our community, and our local and State governments. Through our travels, we educated people about what Food and Medicine Freedom is – and how important it is to protect our right to choose what we consume.

I advocate for our Food and Medicine Freedom and I know that power that we have as individuals.  Not only with how we vote in our local and State elections, but also the power we have when we decide to give our money to these farmers, producers, small businesses and organizations – that are working every day to provide us with quality products and services.  Now, That’s Natural!

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