cropped-tn-header_1092x400_32.jpgFor over seventeen years, Tisha Casida at That’s Natural! has been working on the best ways to protect our individual sovereignty – being able to grow our own food and choose plant-based medicines instead of those presented by ‘big government’ and ‘big pharma’.  Food Freedom means being able to grow one’s own food, choose to purchase food from local (non-government subsidized) farmers, and bringing nutrient-dense food to market.  Medicine Freedom means being able to have access to, grow, and choose plant-based medicines that are NOT patented (like pharmaceutical drugs), that are not synthesized (like pharmaceutical drugs), and that are full of love and life force – those that will actually HEAL us versus simply ‘cover symptoms’ (which is what all pharmaceutical drugs do).

It’s a Food Fight!  Whether it is the natural and organic foods that you enjoy (that you do not want to be tainted with chemicals or harmful products), the supplements you take to build your health and wellness, the medicinal plants and fungi that exist to heal various traumas (like cannabis and medicinal mushrooms), or proven cancer treatments banned by our very own government – That’s Natural! is fighting for you.  We must stand up against the unconstitutional use of force and government that makes it impossible for use to live and be well.  Proclaim your soul’s sovereignty with Tisha Casida – you have the right and duty to protect your Food and Medicine Freedom!

PO Box 8944  –  Aspen, CO 81612

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