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Professor Raphael Mechoulam’s Contribution to Cannabinoids in Medicine


That's Natural CEO Tisha Casida attends International Cannabis Research Conference where Professor Raphael Mechoulam was the keynote speaker - Thats Natural full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp-derived CBD oil - www.cbdoil.life and cbdoil.life

Hemp and/or cannabis is not a new plant on the world stage.  For thousands of years, cannabis has been used for a variety of applications.  It is only in this century that the United States had made access to this plant so difficult.  Thankfully, that is changing.

However, other places in the world have had more common-sense approaches to understanding this amazing plant.  Israel is the world-leader in research, and the man behind it is Professor Raphael Mechoulam.

His study of the active ingredient(s) in cannabis brought about the discovery of a new neurobiological system – the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). And from here, research continues to increase and take place to show just how prevalent this system is in our bodies’ normal functioning – or homeostasis.

From The Jerusalem Post:

“According to Mechoulam, small Israel and some other European countries performed more clinical studies in the field of medical cannabis than the entire USA. In Beilinson Hospital, for instance, an experiment was conducted in which cannabidiol was given to patients who had their bone marrow replaced. Within the experiment large quantities of cannabidiol were given to the patients and a decrease of 50% occurred in the attacking of the body (host) by the new bone marrow (graft). Cannabidiol, it turns out, is also an excellent material to treat autoimmune diseases, diseases in which the body attacks itself. Mechoulam supposes that cannabidiol is capable of treating type 1 diabetes, for instance.”

We are just in the beginning stages of the research and understanding of how our bodies react, through our ECS, to various cannabinoids – especially CBD or Cannabidiol.  That’s Natural CEO Tisha Casida was able to attend Professor Mechoulam’s presentation at the International Cannabis Research Conference at Colorado State University – Pueblo.

That’s Natural wants to protect your natural right to consume plant-based medicines, and we hope that you will be sure and ask these four important questions about any product that you try.

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